Tips and Tricks About Moving

Let’s face it…moving to a new place as a teen feels like the end of the world.  Believe me, I know, I’ve done it seven times! And it’s sad to say that it really doesn’t get easier.  For advice, coping mechanisms, and ways to make your overall experience better, read on:

When you first find out that you are going to move, it may leave you scared and maybe even a little bit depressed.  This is normal.  The idea of packing up and leaving your school, friends, and overall surroundings should bring to light a new anxiety, but it will pass.

  • My first tip to you is to Look on the Bright Side: though moving is without a doubt scary and stressful, it brings about a whole new scene.  You will get to experience new scenery, new culture, new customs, and maybe even a new way of life.  I know that without my moving experience I would not be as cultured as I am today.  Because of my lifestyle, I have travelled to places and seen things in my short 16 years of life that many may never get to see.  I am very grateful for that!

Starting at a new school is tough.  Even the transition from middle school to high school is scary for kids who have lived in one place their entire life.  I moved to Montana the summer of my 8th grade year and began my first year of high school in a state almost two thousand miles away from all of my friends.  I. Was. Terrified.  But, I got through it and grew into the person I am now.

  • Finding Friends in a New School:
    • As scary as the thought may seem, put yourself out there!  Join clubs and sports and after school activites.  Almost all schools offer at least one thing of interest.  Through joining an activity that you enjoy, you will meet like-minded people!  This can result in fast friendships and if anything, something to talk about.
    • If you get the opportunity, find familiar faces throughout your classes.  If you see a person that you have more than one class with, say hey, Ask for help on homework, or just smile! Even if the interaction doesn’t turn into a lifelong friendship, having friendly faces in the hallway makes the days go by a whole lot faster.
    • If I’ve learned anything about meeting new people, it’s that kindness is magnetic! Make your best effort to be genuinely kind to those around you.  Give compliments, smile, and be genuine, it WILL pay off.

Coping with the fact that you are moving is one of the hardest things to do.  If you’re anything like me, a whole bunch of tears will be shed!  But, acceptance makes for less sorrow.

  • Dealing with The Move
    • For me, moving in high school was unbearable.  The thought of leaving all of my friends and starting at a new high school as a junior sounded like torture.  So, for a while I denyed it.  But after a while I realised that denial was leading to missed opportunity.  This caused an epiphone and a new outlook.  For the remainder of my time in Montana, I spent every extra minute of my time with friends.  This helped me to not only build deeper relationships, it allowed me peace in knowing that no matter where I was, I had friends somewhere that loved me.
    • When in doubt, cry it out.  We often don’t let ourselves show emotion about things like this.  Though usually the moving process is inevitable, it is okay to let yourself be sad about it.  It is a sad time!

Though moving can be hard, it really does have its perks.  When you’re down, be optimistic!! If you told me eight months ago how happy I would be today, I would not have believed it for a second.  Things changed for me in the best way, and I know in my heart that everything went according to God’s plan.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture, but it will one day open up for you and you will see that the path in which your headed is the best thing possible for you.  The silver lining always reveals itself at the strangest time.

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or personally contact me here.  I would love to hear from you! XX



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