Hello Beautiful!

My name is Presley Redd Simmons, and I am 17 years old.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was born on July 31, 2001 in Memphis Tennessee. Since that day, I have lived all across the country, six states to be exact.  I’ll be honest with you, moving around all the time has been a painful experience, but I believe that it has helped me grow as a person. I believe that traveling the country has given me cultural experiences that most grown adults do not have the honor of experiencing, but most importantly, moving helped me discover my identity and my passion for photography.

My Sophomore year, my best friend and I discovered our love for portraiture.  We went out into the beautiful Montanan terrain and photographed friends, each other, and anything beautiful we could find.  My love for photography developed from there.  I began a small photography business and it has continued to grow all through high school!

Now, I am a North Texas photographer specializing in seniors and families!  Check out my portfolio, pricing, and past shoots on this site!