Love Yourself First

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Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I’m writing this message as a personal plea to Love Yourself First!

Around this time last year, a friend and I were sulking together‚ÄĒrelishing in the fact that we would be single for Valentine’s Day. ¬†We saw how pitiful we were acting and decided that instead of giving in to the Hallmark Holiday that is Valentine’s Day, we would celebrate “Galentine’s Day”‚ÄĒa day devoted to friendship and self-love.

¬†The creator of the holiday, Leslie Knope, from the television series, Parks and Recreations,¬†describes Galentine’s Day as a holiday for “Ladies celebrating ladies. It‚Äôs like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas”.

Spending Galentine’s Day with my best friend was immensely more fun than spending it consumed in the stresses of buying material goods that represent an overcommercialized view of¬†love. ¬†In reality, we must love ourselves before being able to truly accept the love of others.

To love ourselves is to accept our flaws, and ignore the criticism of others.  Your self-worth is not defined by the surface of your personality.  You go so much deeper than people are willing to dive in to…all of us do.  Criticisms are based off of a small amount of knowledge that again, does not define a person.  The criteria that others put in place for you is not the guide in which to live your life.  Be a confident and strong individual, and do not conform to what others expect you to be.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to spread love and kindness, but it has turned into a commercialized monster. ¬†Love is shown in many other ways than through monetary value. ¬†Instead of focusing on the stress of Valentine’s Day, focus on yourself. ¬†Find ways to love yourself and find your self-worth, rather than spending time and money on a holiday that should be celebrated every day. ¬†We should not need a holiday to tell us when to express love. ¬†Show love when you feel the need rather than when a holiday tells you it is a requirement. ¬†Love others, and learn to love yourself.

~ ‚ô° Presley


1 Pair of Overalls 4 Ways

Overalls are the perfect piece to transfer fashionably in to the cooler months of Fall and Winter.  In my opinion, they are a chic and comfortable way to spice up any outfit.  Here are four of my favorite looks styled with overalls:

Outfit #1


For this look, I paired my black denim overalls with a crochet sweater from Free People and a thin black choker.  I love this look for a cooler day when a light sweater suits the weather perfectly.  For this particular look, I would wear a pair of ankle boots or Classic Checkered Vans.

Outfit #2


For this look, I decided to pair my overalls with a cropped graphic tee from Forever 21.  Though this top is no longer for sale on the Forever 21 website, this top and this top provide similar, raw cut looks.  With this look, I would again pair my Classic Checkered Vans.

Outfit #3


For this look, I wanted to take  a more feminine approach; I decided that a floral print tee was the perfect fit.  A look like this is flirty and feminine, but also cool and edgy.  This is a great look for the beginning of fall before the weather begins to cool drastically, and the end of winter when the weather becomes warmer.  This style would be great paired with strappy sandals or white converse for a casual look.

Outfit #4


This outfit is the simplest of them all.  I took a plain white tee from H&M, and spruced up the look with a colorful plaid shirt.  with a pair of combat boots or sneakers and a messy pony-tail, this look is ready to hit the town! (get my watch HERE)

Author’s Note: I hope that you enjoyed this post! Let these looks inspire you to be bold and creative with your fashion choices. ¬†Spend your time taking chances and doing what makes you happy, and live fruitfully. ¬†Go throughout your week fearlessly and confidently, for you are worth it.


2017 Homecoming

I wanted a date.

I wanted a boy holding sign with a clich√© slogan to ask me to homecoming. ¬†And I’ll be honest, I was slightly upset when this wasn’t the way that things transpired.

Where I live, homecoming is one of the biggest events of the year. ¬†People dress up all week for spirit days, and end the week with a football game in which every person in the community attends, followed by the first “school dance” of the year.

Thankfully, I decided to participate in every event: the spirit days, the football game, and even the dance. ¬†Instead of going with a date, I decided to go with one of my good friends, and I’m so glad that I did. ¬†I spent the night dancing (poorly) with my friends, and not worrying about what anyone thought. ¬†And honestly, it was one of the greatest nights of my High School experience. ¬†Looking back, I am so grateful that I decided to spend my night at the homecoming dance rather than missing out because I didn’t have a date. ¬†I regret not going to more events like it at my previous high school! I am so thankful for the amazing friends and music that made my night so incredible.

So, if there is ever a time in your life where you feel that you “need a date” to have a good time, I am here to tell you that it is not true. ¬†Don’t miss out on an experience for something like that, you will regret it later. ¬†Instead, go places, see things, and spend time with the people who you love. ¬†Oh, and dance like there’s nobody watching!

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Throughout the week, spend your days filled with self confidence and love. ¬†Do what you love, and don’t worry about what others say as tempting as it may be. ¬†Authenticity is a rarity these days. ¬†Be confident and be yourself without worrying about what others think, it will make you so much happier, I promise.