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Abella Eyewear


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Hey everyone! ¬†If you’re like me, you are constantly on the search for a new deal. ¬†This summer, I wanted to find some cute new sunnies. ¬†Recently, I’ve seen ad after ad on Instagram¬†for Abella Eyewear,¬†an eyewear company founded in 2018. ¬†The first ever ad I saw for this company was their request for Brand Ambassadors. ¬†After reviewing the benefits, I was thrilled to see the deals I would receive! ¬†After being accepted into the ambassador program, I was told that if I simply posted a shoutout of the Abella Eyewear website on my Instagram story, I would receive a pair of free sunglasses (shipping not included). ¬†Of course, I accepted this offer and quickly followed the instructions. ¬†Only minutes later, I received a coupon for a free pair of sunglasses. ¬†Though the styles were limited, I was excited about the reward that I’d received. ¬†I quickly decided on the style, “Astley”¬†in Pink and Gold. ¬†After receiving an order conformation email, I was informed that the order would go through a “processing time” of 3-5 days. ¬†I did not question this at first, however, after 15 days without my order being shipped, I became weary of the legitimacy of the website. ¬†I emailed the company several times in which they responded,

“Thank you for reaching out to us and we¬†value your feedback.¬†We source our shades from a number of high-quality distribution partners and orders are shipped directly from them. This means shipping times can vary”.

I’m not sure why this was the site’s reasoning because on the About Us page, the owners clearly state that, “all inventory is managed and distributed from Jacksonville, Florida”. ¬†Thankfully, after several emails back and forth with customer service, my order was prioritized and finally shipped. ¬†On May 27, almost a month after their order, my sunglasses arrived.

Though the shipping time was brutal, I would like to add that the sunglasses are GREAT quality.  They came in a nice case and a soft drawstring bag and seem to be well made.  I am satisfied with the sunglasses, and I will be looking forward to wearing them on beach trips and other summer endeavors.  However, DO NOT purchase a pair unless you have plenty of time to wait on their arrival.  I am very thankful for the customer service team at Abella Eyewear as well as the quality products that they produce, but their shipping time is something to be improved upon.

*UPDATE: in an email¬†received 06/06/18, the company stated that they are decreasing their shipping time. “We’ve moved our stock to the USA. This means instead of shipping some items direct from factory, we now have the capabilities to do what most large brands do. We’ll be storing pallets of products in Jacksonville for quick shipment to our customers in the USA and Canada. If you live outside of North America, we have plans in the pipes so stay tuned”.¬†Hopefully there is some accuracy to this claim because if so, I see the product becoming VERY successful! ¬†Hopefully this further convinces you to purchase a pair!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these adorable sunnies for yourself, use my code: PRESLEYREDD for 50% off of your entire order!

Use Code: PRESLEYREDD for 30% off!

This is a great deal, I can assure you!

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Check out Abella Eyewear HERE!

If you’re interested in the Sunglasses above, click HERE!¬†(the color is Pink and Gold)

Enjoy your sun-filled summer! – PresleyRedd

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My 2017 October Favorites

Its Fall y’all! I’m so thrilled that we are in the midst of my favorite time of the year. ¬†Halloween and Thanksgiving, the vibrant color of Autumn leaves, the crisp air in the morning, how could you not love the season filled with color and beauty? ¬†October is one of my favorite months of the year, so I thought I would give you some insight on my “fall favorites” this October.

Comfy Sweaters

It’s finally the time of year for cozy sweaters. ¬†Who doesn’t love something comfy and stylish? ¬†Fall is the beginning of “sweater weather” and I am always prepared! ¬†This sweater came from H&M and is my absolute favorite. ¬†It has held up nicely for the past three years, and is a great and stylish way to stay warm all Fall and Winter long. ¬†(you can purchase a similar sweater¬†HERE)

Hot Drinks

The cooler Autumn weather makes hot drinks so much more desirable. ¬†Lately, I have been drinking a lot of coffee with International Delight’s White Chocolate Mocha Creamer. ¬†I love the way it makes my coffee taste‚ÄĒit reminds me of something that I would buy at a coffee shop. ¬†I also love Chai Tea this time of year. ¬†The spices remind me of the crisp air and bright colors that fall includes.

Psalm 55:22

Verse for blog.png

October personally gives me so much to be grateful for.  Psalms are a beautiful expression of messages to God, and this one is so powerful.  God is bigger than the issues you are facing; he will never give you a task you are incapable of doing.  Pray for guidance and you will receive it.  You are never alone when you have Jesus in your heart.

Neutral Nail Polish


Also sported above in my coffee photo, light pink nail polish is one of my favorite looks this season. ¬†Although people tend to go darker in the fall, I love to go for a more neutral tone. ¬†My favorite polish color right now is OPI’s “Bubble Bath“. ¬†Also, for those of you wondering, my rings are part of a set from Forever 21. ¬†They always have the cutest rings for the greatest price! ¬†Get a similar set¬†HERE!

I hope everyone has a great week. Make sure to check back every Monday for a new post!


Rad and Retro

I thought I would make my very first post about my absolute favorite pair of jeans.  Recently, on one of my monthly thrift store endeavors, I stumbled upon an amazing pair of Vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans! To my surprise, they were just my size.  I knew immediately that the jeans belonged in my wardrobe.

I am a huge fan of DIY projects, so it was great to let my creativity flow and make these jeans fit my personal style. ¬†I decided to create a frayed cropped jean look, which is very in-style right now. ¬†I also decided to distress the fronts…I was thrilled at the finished product! Wearing these personalized jeans allowed me to achieve a new level of confidence…I will admit, however, I was at first nervous about wearing them ¬†to school due to the judgemental nature of high schoolers, and my sporting of a style that isn’t necessarily referred to as “trendy”. ¬†Thankfully, I decided to wear my jeans to school. ¬†I realized while walking down the hallway, “I am proud of the product that I created with my own hands”! ¬†It felt so empowering to walk down the halls of my school rocking a garment that was customized to my liking, and I will continue to make fashion risks in honor of wearing what I love, not what others want me to love.

Ladies, if you have an outfit that you are unsure of, my advice to you is: Go for it! you are beautiful in a way that is unique to you, and your style should reflect that. ¬†Be yourself, and confidence will follow…dress to impress…yourself!