Love Yourself First

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Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I’m writing this message as a personal plea to Love Yourself First!

Around this time last year, a friend and I were sulking together—relishing in the fact that we would be single for Valentine’s Day.  We saw how pitiful we were acting and decided that instead of giving in to the Hallmark Holiday that is Valentine’s Day, we would celebrate “Galentine’s Day”—a day devoted to friendship and self-love.

 The creator of the holiday, Leslie Knope, from the television series, Parks and Recreations, describes Galentine’s Day as a holiday for “Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas”.

Spending Galentine’s Day with my best friend was immensely more fun than spending it consumed in the stresses of buying material goods that represent an overcommercialized view of love.  In reality, we must love ourselves before being able to truly accept the love of others.

To love ourselves is to accept our flaws, and ignore the criticism of others.  Your self-worth is not defined by the surface of your personality.  You go so much deeper than people are willing to dive in to…all of us do.  Criticisms are based off of a small amount of knowledge that again, does not define a person.  The criteria that others put in place for you is not the guide in which to live your life.  Be a confident and strong individual, and do not conform to what others expect you to be.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to spread love and kindness, but it has turned into a commercialized monster.  Love is shown in many other ways than through monetary value.  Instead of focusing on the stress of Valentine’s Day, focus on yourself.  Find ways to love yourself and find your self-worth, rather than spending time and money on a holiday that should be celebrated every day.  We should not need a holiday to tell us when to express love.  Show love when you feel the need rather than when a holiday tells you it is a requirement.  Love others, and learn to love yourself.

~ ♡ Presley